Vanity/Scooter - Wisconsin ATV Plates

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$12.00 each
Vanity Message

Note: Vanity plates are designed with fun in mind and are not DNR legal

Vanity plates are also great for states that don't require a license plate and allow you to personalize your vehicle, now you can do the same for your ATV/scooter. Vanity plates can reflect a fun personality, occupation, hobbies or whatever you like.
These special plates have your own choice of numbers or letters to reflect a slogan or phrase.
Add a little fun to the front of your ATV with a vanity plate. You can have just about anything within the plate area (3x7.50).
Examples can be viewed to the left, the plate is an overall size of 4x8 with 2 holes on the top for mounting. For some ideas you can visit the sites below with some great ideas.

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